Build a routine, be creative

The notion that solid routine is the backbone for creativity gets mentioned nearly every day in the blogs that I’m following. The article by Jane Porter reminds about what sort of routines are good because, of course, there are tons of routines that are not particularly good for creativity, like, for example, watching television several hours a day. One of the routines is well established: don’t chase the muse, let the muse chase you! This is accomplished by showing up every day, to write, ideate, compose, whatever. The second routine gets seldom mentioned although it is a really good advice:

“According to this theory, creative people are ones who are willing and able to metaphorically buy low and sell high in the realm of ideas,” says Sternberg. When you buy low, you’re going after what is out of favor, in the hopes that it has growth potential. This means being ready to encounter resistance from others.

Daily journaling about stuff hovering between unpopular and intriguing would be a nice combination of these points.

How to cultivate a creative thinking habit, Fast Company


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