I’m teaching designers and for that reason  I’ve been collecting links about the general process of doing stuff creatively and troubleshooting problems in the process. After trying different ways of making my collection public, I’m now gradually writing blog entries about ideas, tips and methods that focus on creative productivity, put forward by others. The ideal user I have in mind is a design student doing thesis, who’s interested in polishing his or her working process. Later  I may start to add my other collections of links about other stuff I’m teaching, besides gtd-stuff, that is.

Blog’s name refers to my book “Dwelling with Design”, which reflects the time I kept private diary here about the writing process. The book is now published, entries are deleted and the blog is public. Dwelling with Design, the book, is my doctoral dissertation about the everyday meanings of design that I researched by visiting Helsinki-based households some ten years ago. Book’s central argument is that the private meanings differ from the public design discourse quite a bit, to say the least. Usability, aesthetic elegance and impressive brand rarely make product valuable for those who live with it. Design is much more: it is joyful partner and invisible friend but also irritating annoyance and cursed failure – depending on how the household is dwelling. You can download Dwelling with Design for free from Aalto University School of Art and Design bookstore.

My main occupation is teaching. About that you can have a glimpse from an article Design Studio in the Field, published in Designing for a Wellbeing. You can download Designing for Wellbeing for free from Aalto University School of Art and Design bookstore.


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