Changing daily routines

Good and sensible, hands-on article by Leo Babauta about changing unwanted, persistent habits, like smoking or not exercising, even though you definitely would want to. Key is to start small and move very gradually. Habits 101: essential things you should know about your everyday behavior (Fast Company)

And reminder from also Fast Company, about how willpower is something that you can build, like a muscle: Why our willpower can’t stop you from putting things off by Drake Baer.


Building willpower

“Going into the dinner, I had one reason I didn’t want to eat dessert. But Tom’s taunting gave me another reason: I was embarrassed to break my commitment in the face of his teasing. I didn’t want to be the guy who caves in to peer pressure.” (The reverse psychology of temptation, Harvard Business Review)

Willpower is like a muscle and can be trained. “To improve your overall well-being, start a new regular habit. Pretty much any positive habit will do.” (What the research on habit formation reveals about willpower, Lifehacker)