Things you really should do while in University

Good list of what’s important during studies vis-a-vis future career: 7 things I wish I knew when I was still in college (Lifehacker). I agree with all the items because, for example, it seems that for graduates, university’s career support didn’t matter much but instead the network they developed during studies was highly beneficial. More general pedagogical point is the second in the list, that one should always focus on learning and more or less forget the grades. You then have to be good at evaluating your learning but in any case, employers hardly ever check your grades so why pay attention to them? The third item in the list, “Take advantages of the resources colleges offer” is in the core of university studies because, well, what else is the university but a pool of resources? But you have to be proactive. Taking advantage of the resources is a learning process itself, often in a very practical manner because you have to learn e.g. how to make use of a certain service, say, a database of academic journals. Believe it or not, very few will do that and those precious few gain a huge advantage over the rest of the students.